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Mr Mover Logistics Movers packers – the professional international freight forwarder sends warm greetings and best wishes for successful cooperation in business to all of you. Mr Movers Logistics Packers Movers & Relocation always provide various solutions for Office Relocation / transport to fulfill each specific requirement of the transit time and mode of transport.

We are always looking for new possibilities to enhance our business Joining IAM in 2015, we set our goal to spread our name and services globally with more secured payments to your trust. Mr Movers Logistics is constantly evolving and expanding agent’s network abroad with the motto “Fast – Accurate – Safe – Save”,

The operation has been built around understanding the client’s requirements and offering a full logistics service by knowledgeable staff. Our proactive approach ensures continuity of Service and enables us to maintain a long-term relationship with our Customers Managing your home or office relocation can be one of the most tough and challenging experiences.

We are now having some SPECIAL offers for your reference as below: Secured, well-kept and handled with the utmost care; this is our utmost concern.

For all types and sizes of products we offer an extensive range of packing for security and stability.

  • House & Office Relocation
  • Home, Bank, office, shifting
  • International Relocation
  • The Office Relocation Company
  • Office Relocation Services
  • Office Shifting
  • Full Office Relocation
  • Office Equipment Shifting & Packing
  • Packing and Shifting Office Premises
  • Moving and Storage
  • House Office Event Disposal Storage
  • Office Moving Packing

On time and on budget

We agree a finish date and budget with you, then endeavor to get you into your new office within both. It’s called our Perfect Delivery.

IT and telecoms Equipments

We take full responsibility for transferring your IT and telecoms systems, ensuring your business moves from the old office to the new without any hurdle.

Top Rated Movers Services

Mr Movers Relocation company is a Top Rated Packers Movers & Relocation Company in Pakistan. We are Specialist Office Mover, We Are One Stop Relocation Solution for Your Need. Contact Us Today,

When you have the heavy responsibility of relocating your company, make light work of it. There are hundreds of things to stay on top of when relocating. With your dedicated Mr Movers Moving Company project manager taking care of everything, you won’t need to worry about any of them

Our packing Staff is fully trained to handle the special requirements and extra care needed for international moving. This training teaches our packing staff that how to select international standard packing materials and use the correct packing technique to make sure that your belongings are safely transported to your new house. Our overseas agent partners are required to provide an English-speaking foreman to coordinate delivery and transportation of our customers’ belongings.

All staff at THE Mr Movers Relocation Company, from the working owners to the supervisors, relocators and drivers, has received training in the most efficient and safe methods of handling your possessions – and this training is continually being assessed and upgraded.

Whether you’re moving an office, warehouse or factory we have the experience and know how to ensure your relocation is well planned and completed to the highest standards. Contact us now for a no obligation proposal on how we can assist you achieve your move goals.

After the move it’s critical for any organization to have their staff resume normal work duties as quickly as possible. For that reason we introduced this service. Let us come in on the first business day after the move and assist your team settle in by distributing cartons, making final adjustments to furniture and removing rubbish and packing materials as your staff unpacks.

The decision to move an office to a new location is a difficult one. The task of packing every item in an office, moving, and then unpacking or organizing in a new location is quite challenging as well as tiring. By hiring the right packers and movers, this task can be simplified to a large extent. However, finding the best office shifting professionals to handle an office move is not easy.

Nowadays, people mostly use the Internet to find the right office shifting packers and movers. Choosing the right packers and movers from the thousands of websites offering such services can be confusing. There are, however, a few ways that can help you choose a professional moving company that can expertly handle your office relocation.

Start with good research

Research plays a major role in finding professional and reliable packers and movers. You must spend some time searching for moving companies specializing in office relocation. You will find numerous results for your search. It is recommended that you gather as much information as you can and compare different packers and movers, the prices they quote, etc. before deciding on a particular company. Good research will help you reach this decision.

Experience in office moving

One of the best ways to decide which packers and movers to hire for your office relocation is to find a moving company that specializes in office relocation. Your research will give you information about moving companies with maximum experience in this field.

Experienced moving professionals are aware of all the details that entail an office move. Their expertise will enable them to pack and move your office items to the new location swiftly and with minimum disruptions. You can be assured that all your things will be handled with care during the relocation process. You must always hire packers and movers that have the most experience in office relocation.

Check references and testimonials

Another way to ensure that the moving company you hire for your office move is the best is to check references and testimonials. Good research will give you the names of some of the reputed and popular office shifting packers and movers in your city. When you visit their websites, you can go to their testimonials page and read client testimonials to get an idea of the quality of their services. This will help you decide whether or not you wish to avail of their services. You can also ask for references from your acquaintances, vendors, or partners who have hired moving professionals in the past. Their experiences and references will help you narrow your search and choose the right packers and movers.